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Your nationally renowned, board-certified diagnostic radiologist & practicing breast cancer physician.

I’m Dr. Nina. I’m on a mission to inspire busy, professional women to take the life-enriching journey toward better health, wellness, balance, and personal fulfillment. Through my frequent media appearances, speaking engagements, and consulting work with various companies and organizations, I empower women with the knowledge and skills to maintain a healthier lifestyle and successful career, while remaining true to their inner femininity.

I firmly believe that you can be fit, fierce, and feminine.

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Committed to helping companies, organizations, & individuals thrive.

A successful breast imaging radiologist, Dr. Nina continues to share her skills and experience as a collaborative consultant, inspiring speaker, medico-legal expert, and trusted media resource.

She assists her clients by navigating complex challenges with innovative strategies that help improve the quality of care and enable patients to live healthier, more balanced lives.


What people are saying about Dr. Nina

“Dr. Watson has the most excellent bedside manner. She is friendly, calm, poised, and calm in her approach. I can’t imagine the experience being any better.”

— KK

I was very impressed by the virtual speaking event. The passion that breast imagers like yourself have for the patient experience, as well as to accuracy and quality of care is so heartwarming to see.”

— LB

“Dr. Nina… creates an efficient, optimistic, and cohesive environment. When you come to her with a problem, she works to create a solution.”

— SS

Collaborative & Compassionate

As a leading voice in the fields of radiology and state-of-the-art breast imaging, I am dedicated to sharing my expertise throughout the medical community and beyond. I collaborate with medical professionals and tech innovators to help develop and refine breakthrough approaches to life-saving breast cancer care in the areas of detection and intervention. I can help you understand key issues and navigate complex situations, while reducing research time.

As a traveling physician, I’m licensed to practice in 17 states, using my platform and expertise to improve healthcare access for underserved communities across the country. 


Your trusted thought leader

A growing number of media outlets and publications have been turning to me as their go-to expert due to my knowledge and insight of categories ranging from breast health and fitness to overall health and wellness.


An Ambassador for Optimal Health

I enjoy sharing my passion for health, wellness, and fitness with professionals and organizations who want to integrate and promote healthier habits into their lifestyles, communities, and culture.

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"I look forward to connecting and sharing my medical knowledge, specialized expertise, and passion for health and wellness with you."

— Dr. Nina


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