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“I want everyone to experience a life of fulfillment, balance, strength, and resilience.”


I’m Dr. Nina.

I’m a practicing physician, board-certified diagnostic radiologist, national leader in breast imaging, and passionate advocate for women’s health and wellness. I’m also the founder and owner of Modern Radiology and Watson Medical Consulting Group. I currently reside in Fort Lauderdale, FL as an attending radiologist.

When I was a young girl growing up in small-town Mississippi, there was a mountain of preconceptions, conventional skepticism, and statistics that communicated to me that my dreams were too big and beyond my reach.

I decided to ignore all of it.

Instead, with the love and encouragement of my parents, I decided to remain focused on working toward my goals. This focus led me to graduate at the top my class from Tulane University with a degree in chemical engineering, and, later, from the Yale University School of Medicine with the highest academic honors. It then led me to completing residency training at Columbia University-affiliated Harlem Hospital Center and fellowship training in breast imaging at Columbia University.


Healing myself

Then, fresh from my training and early in my career as a physician, something unexpected happened: I experienced an episode of burnout.

I felt like no matter what I did – staying late to get more work done, coming in on the weekends and vacation days, doing the work of two doctors when another doctor called out sick – it was never enough. I was always tired because I had trouble sleeping. I dreaded waking up each morning. I was no longer making time for family and friends. I loved my patients, but the job itself was eating away at my soul.

It was at this point I realized that I had one of two choices: my well-being or my job. One was replaceable; the other, I wasn’t entirely sure.

At that very instant in time, I chose myself. I wouldn’t have been able to take care of others, my patients, if I wasn’t taking care of myself, right? So I healed. I rebuilt myself. And I was able to do so through fitness and deep self-reflection.

This experience made a major impact on my life and career, teaching me that being “fit” goes well beyond the physical. It inspired me to empower other professional women to experience a life of fulfillment, balance, strength, and resilience.


Leading in radiology

Since completing my fellowship, I’ve practiced as a physician in leading academic hospitals as well as vital community and city hospitals. In my practice, I’ve had the privilege of treating a diverse range of patient populations and have remained dedicated to connecting our nation’s most underserved communities to the quality care they deserve.

Over the course of my career, I’ve been selected to serve on multiple national panels as a leader in the field of radiology and breast imaging, including committees with the American Board of Radiology (ABR), American College of Radiology (ACR), and Society of Breast Imaging (SBI). With experience in education, research, and direct clinical care, I’ve been fortunate to become a recognized leader in mammographic interpretation, breast ultrasounds, and breast MRI exams. I extend this diverse knowledge to medical professionals and innovators to help advance the latest interventional breast procedures.

I’ve followed my passion for serving those in most need worldwide, volunteering my time and experience to analyze and address disparities in radiology for Liberia’s underserved patient population. Collaborating with the RAD-AID organization, I have taught and trained medical students, residents, and attending physicians in Monrovia’s resource-limited hospitals, helping them build sustainable and effective radiology services. In both my professional work and personal life, I’ve come to realize that cultural immersion provides just as many opportunities to learn as it does to teach. 

Present Day


Due to my unique and extensive experiences, I’ve become a sought-after media resource on a wide range of complex topics related to breast cancer, health, wellness, and fitness. I’ve also successfully built a thriving brand as a fitness authority and advocate who empowers women to be fit and live fiercely.

But I wouldn’t be where I am today without seeing all of the professional women – the physicians, department chairs, innovators, and many more – get here first. They are my superstars. Their individual and collective resilience, determination, and dedication have fueled my own passion for innovating patient care and improving patients’ lives. They have inspired me to break through barriers and make me strive to inspire the next generation of barrier-breaking women.

And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Education & Experience

Profile of Expertise:

Clinical / Medical / Legal Medicine

  • ZBoard-certified diagnostic radiologist, fellowship training in breast imaging
  • ZEducated / trained at top universities
  • ZNationally recognized radiologist
  • ZExpert panelist and national board exam question writer
  • ZExperienced practicing physician
  • ZPositions on multiple national committees
  • ZParticipation in global medical community

Medical Lecturer / Speaker / Keynote Presenter

  • ZPresenter/subject matter expert (SME) on radiologic issues to the general public and medical communities
  • ZSubject matter expert (SME) on breast cancer awareness
  • ZContributor/speaker on topic of wellness for physicians
  • ZRecognized expert on healthy lifestyles and fitness
  • ZMedia health expert


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“Dr. Watson has the most excellent bedside manner. She is friendly, calm, poised, and calm in her approach. I can’t imagine the experience being any better.”

— KK

I was very impressed by the virtual speaking event. The passion that breast imagers like yourself have for the patient experience, as well as to accuracy and quality of care is so heartwarming to see.”

— LB

“Dr. Nina… creates an efficient, optimistic, and cohesive environment. When you come to her with a problem, she works to create a solution.”

— SS

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