3 Steps for a fierce start to each day

Jul 16, 2021

Have you ever planned to work-out after work, but after a long stressful day, you were too tired to go? Or you planned to work-out after work, but you got stuck in traffic or an afternoon meeting ran late and you missed that class that you were signed up for? 

If this has happened to you, then working out in the morning before work may be for you. It is an amazing way to get your day started. You come to work alert, energized, and refreshed. You also have the satisfaction that you know that you have gotten your work-out in for the day. Maybe you can appreciate all of the benefits of working out early, but you only have one problem…. you are not a morning person. Don’t let that stop you! You can change that! 

I have three steps to assist you in making morning work-outs a part of your routine: 

1. Plan ahead:

Make things easier for yourself. Each night remember to lay out everything that you will need for the next day. Lay out your gym clothes. Lay out your work clothes. If you take your lunch to work, pack it the night before and place it in the refrigerator. Put everything in place so that you don’t have to think about what you need or what you may be missing. You can just grab the items and head out the door. 

2. Try to go to bed early:

Although physical activity and exercise is important, sleep is also vital. Your body needs sleep to heal and repair, for healthy brain function, and emotional well-being. Sleep shouldn’t be skipped or sacrificed. Plus, it can be very difficult to wake- up early and to get an effective work-out if you haven’t gotten enough sleep the night before. The amount of sleep needed can vary between individuals, but you should wake up rested and be able to carry out your daily routine, even after your early morning work-out.

3. Set alarm and refuse to snooze:

Set your alarm each night and tell yourself “No” when you are tempted to hit the snooze button. It can be helpful to try to wake-up at the same time each day. This will train your body and make waking up at this time easier. Other things you can also try is to sign-up for an exercise class or a session with a personal trainer. If you know that you will be penalized if you don’t show-up, it can motivate you to go ahead and get out of bed. 

Try these three steps and see if you can make morning work-outs a part of your fitness routine. 

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