Expert perspectives to help your organization succeed

Through her company, Watson Medical Consulting Group, Dr. Nina consults with various organizations and companies throughout the country, as well as with the health and medical imaging community. She offers novel perspectives, specialized techniques, and a collaborative approach to examining key issues.

Dr. Nina’s Consulting Experience Includes:

Medical Consulting

Utilizing her vast experience as a successful practicing physician, Dr. Nina provides consulting services for radiology and medical imaging companies, hospitals, and healthcare organizations nationwide.

Dr. Nina’s clients value her specialized expertise and collaborative approach to examining pivotal issues and navigating complicated challenges. She provides insight and guidance that has reduced research time and accelerated innovation for leading-edge, life-saving technologies for breast cancer detection and treatment.

Non-Profit Consulting

While working closely with advisory boards, Dr. Nina has helped nonprofit organizations across the nation raise awareness of breast cancer detection, interventions, and treatment. She assists these organizations in connecting their communities, supporters, and the public to factual, reliable, and critical information about breast cancer and other health issues.

Professional Consulting

Dr. Nina consults with organizations and companies seeking to help their workforce find balance in their professional and personal lives. She helps busy professionals create strategies for promoting wellness, minimizing burnout, and embracing healthier lifestyles.


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